Financial consultancy

Companies which are managed by clearly specified goals, from which are expected concrete benefits (but only if goals are fulfilled), have a competitive advantage, whether they perform on any market or industry. Strategic and financial management enables elimination of risks, increases awareness of the common thing and it helps to not only achieving optimal performance, but also to reinforces and forms the corporate culture.


This service includes:

Financial analysis and the analysis of comapany’s economy
We will help you to find the reasons and to optimize the run of financial flows in the company.

Consultation and preparation of business plans
We will transform your idea into a business aim. This is the first step to obtain funds from the banking and non-banking resources.Take the advantage of new opportunities, which brings our membership in the EU!

Support in processing of internal corporate legislation
We will set up an internal corporate legislation to avoid delaying of the manufacturing process, in accordance with law and ensure the right feedback to management.