Restructuring projects

Restructuring projects are usually very specific and complex transactions linking together strategic decisions rooted in the best financial, legal and tax structures.

The aim of restructuring is the repayment of debts from operating cash flow and prepares the company for sale or further growth. Thanks to this the profitability of classified loans increases.

Strategic steps to restructure your business:

  • stabilization of the company through the crisis management
  • recovery of the company's profitability and efficient managing of labour capital
  • management of relations among institutions interested in the company
  • implementation of new way of managing for corporate restructuring
  • provides optimal values to companies through the elimination of assets or reinvest in assets beyond the core business or assets with inadequte efficiency or to companies in financial difficulties
  • the operation control for short to long-term strategy for achieving recovery and growth

We will create a solution tailored to your specific circumstances and needs and we negotiate with you and institutions concerned in your company, when analyzing your financial and operational structures.

  • We will suggest and help you to implement steps to find a solution out of the crisis.
  • We will help you to maintain business activities or retain a management control.
  • We will provide maximization or realization of value for lenders/creditors.
  • We will help you to better understand the financial and business situation of the company, its future performance and a range of available restructuring options.
  • Together with creditors and debtors we will propose solutions in crisis situations, where the objectives of stakeholders may vary and are often subject of significant pressures on relationships.
  • We will help you with a balance sheet of restructuring.
  • We are experienced in creating business plans.